The Mixtape.

I just got home from a short (and I do mean short) 5 day Frank Turner tour. Besides playing in Rebuilder, running this label, running my computer company, and working as a runner, I work as merch guy/production assistant/tour manager for various bands. Needless to say I’m busy. But I still love to make music and be involved in music. While on this Frank Turner tour I brought out the last copies of the Refuse Rethink Rebuild Mix Tape 1.

The mix tape was an idea that I had after listening to Young Gov from Fucked Up’s MP3 mix. Rather then have it be a bunch of my songs, I thought it would be great to put together songs that aren’t that well-known or if they are known then listening in a different context and approach. I made the mix on my own, making it one long track. I included a Dead Ellington track and a rare never heard before demo of mine. I personalized each one with a different quote and numbered them. Only 20 made, spray painted them yellow, added no playlist, I sold some at the merch table with Dead Ellington, gave some out, and brought them on the Frank Turner tour. To my surprised a lot of people were curious about the tape and wanted to know about it. I love that. I love to talk about it and for 5-10 minutes share a connection with someone.

Why did I choose a cassette? When I was in college at Berklee, I worked at my aunt’s flower shop in Brighton. I delivered flowers in between classes and after. The only thing in the van was a tape player. I found myself going to Looney Tunes buying tapes because they had a vast collection of old punk that no one ever touched. I think they always had a $2 tape sale. I fell in love with the Dead Milkmen, Faith No More, Fishbone, Black Flag, Descendents, etc, all while delivering flowers. I still have my massive tape collection, and while tapes aren’t as popular anymore, the people who have tape players in their car have a big love for them. Hopefully this mix will be your co-pilot on many voyages. Here is a link to the cassette as an MP3 in it’s entirety.

Please excuse any grammar errors. One thing about tour is you always get lack of sleep. I’m working at the Wilbur right now and borderline delusional from lack of sleep. (hold down control-click to download)

Refuse Rethink Rebuild Mixtape Front IMG_3115


Funkadelic- Can You Get To That
Dead Ellington- Breaking Down
Jefferson Airplane- White Rabbit
Miles Davis- Générique
Red C- Pressure’s On
Marvelous Darlings- Teenage Targets
Rough Francis- Don’t Look Back
Dusty Springfield- Don’t Forget About Me
Sal Ellington- Count To Ten