Did you get a sticker? Rebuilder House of Blues Follow-up

I want to thank everyone that watched our set at the House of Blues. We could not be more thrilled that the Dropkick Murphys welcomed us to their stage. We had a blast. I want to thank our friends Amy, Amanda, Kristin, Tyler, Brandon Philips, and Shawn Flores for helping us out.

During the show we passed out stickers for the Rebuilder record. You can listen to the tracks right here. You will also notice that you can’t download them. The reason behind this is the record isn’t done. We are close to having it be done but we need a bit more time. At that point we will release the whole record and allow it to be downloaded. The demos that are up right now, we are very proud of but see it just as a preview. Once this record is out we will start putting out some other great bands too. Thanks for the support

-Refuse Rethink Rebuild