Rebuilder to open for The Dead Milkmen

When I was in middle school, my friend Lauren Demaree gave me a mixtape that had the song “Stuart” on it. I hated it and loved it all at the same time. I hadn’t drove into punk rock yet and didn’t full appreciate how good this song was until years later when I found the Best of CD for 5 bucks. As I said in the mixtape post, I drove a flower delivery van for years with only a tape player. I had Metaphysical Graffiti, Bucky Fellini, and Beezlebubba. I must of listen to those everyday. Still to this day I love those tapes. I learned that only my friend Marc Flynn (Drexel, Big D) loved them as much as I do.

Last year, I was in Philadelphia with The Mighty Mighty Bosstones doing merch. I tweeted to Rodney if he was coming to the show. He said he was unsure if he could make it but no reason why we couldn’t grab a drink after. I told him I had a day off the next day so if this didn’t work then tomorrow would be better. The next day he told me to meet him at his friend’s bar Fergie’s. When I got there I saw Rodney outside, he introduced me to his friend who owned Fergie as he rode away on a bike yelling “I’ll be open in an hour”.

Rodney then said that he didn’t know what other bar to go to because he doesn’t drink much. I said I didn’t drink at all. He said “perfect! we will go to a coffee shop, not too far from here”. We sat at this shop for about 2 hours just talking about music, tour stories, and the regenderfication of downtown Philly. My favorite was when he told me how much he loved pulling into a certain venue in Philly across from a porn theatre because they could see all the name amazing names on the marquee. One say they pulled into the venue and say one that said “Coo Coo for Coco Cocks”.

I’m very excited to say that my band Rebuilder will be opening for The Dead Milkmen at Sinclair in Harvard Sq. Get your tickets here.