The Darker Hues- Nothing For Failure

I’m extremely happy to announce that the first full length EP being released by Refuse Rethink Rebuild Records is Nothing For Failure by The Darker Hues. The EP includes tracks off of their second record “Nothing Taste Like Failure” and includes a bonus unreleased song that did not appear on that record called “Life of the Party”.  Please download the record, it is a “name your price” download. Again, our whole point of this label is to spread music to people who may of never heard this band before. If you put 0 as a price it will ask for your e-mail, we are doing this to generate a mailing list. If this gets annoying for anyone please let me know and we can change that.

I first met Joe from the Darker Hues when he was just Joe Boo the tattoo guys who played in The Magic is Gone from VT. My girlfriend at the time had a tattoo appointment with him and I had given her a ride. I stayed pretty quiet as I am known to do but I noticed his CD collection. It had Descendents, Bad Brains, Fugazi, and The Replacements. We instantly started talking about all the mutual bands we know and like. I think he forgot who he was tattooing because we just talked about music the whole time. Eventually Joe made a new band called The Darker Hues.

Since seeing them play in early stages to now, the band has never let up in the passion department. They love to play and they do it better than most. I’m happy to know this band and I hope you will get to know them too.

They will be opening for White Lung and Iceage at TT The Bear’s on Wednesday April 17th.