Road to Pouzza Tour Wrap Up #enchiladanasty

We are back home safe and sound after a quick tour to Montreal. We played the Pouzza Festival, which Dead Ellington played last year. Last tour we did a hashtag called #thumbsdown tour because Brandon literally would just take pictures with thumbs down. This year while looking for a good hashtag, we made #enchiladanasty over the horrible bag of doritos that made the van smell awful all the way to Pouzza. We are welcomed with open arms, made new friends, saw rad bands, and ate too much Poutine. Hopefully we will be back to Montreal soon. We are sorry that we could not play our first show in Montreal due to border difficulties. Check out these bands:

Trapper Keeper


Black Love

These Branches

Sink or Swim

Law Abiders

Be Aggressive

New Red Scare

Nine Votes Short

Good Job Tony

Until next time please stay tune for our record that will be out shortly. Enjoy the demos for now. If you got a sticker at Pouzza make sure you come back and check out the music we are putting out by great bands.

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