Fest 12 Tour Wrap Up

Last night we played our final show on this tour in Trenton, NJ. Drove through the night to get home so Craig could make it to class. I still haven’t slept but I wanted to write this now because it’s fresh in my mind. It’s amazing how much you can do in 2 weeks and how many new friends you can make.

We had a blast at our first Fest and this tour would of been a lot different had we not had help from everyone along the way. I want to say thank you to my bandmates Craig, Daniel, and Brandon. Thank you to Amanda for holding the merch fort down.

Thank you to Seeing Snakes, Podacter, The nicest man in VA Thomas Mcdonald, Aaron for giving us a place to stay, Wolvesx4, Arliss Nancy for letting us know about Clairmont, The Sparrow and First World Problems for making our SC visit awesome, Our Boston space mates Big D and the Kids Tables for introducing us to Red City Radio and Survay Says , FYF Booking in Jacksonville, Kyle at NorseKorea , Wet Nurse, FEST and No Idea Records, Chris and Greg at Mill Hill. Anyone who bought merch at all. You have no idea how much this helps us. A lot of these shows merch was the only way we could make it to the next show.

One more huge thank you to Diarrhea Planet for being some of the raddest dudes we have ever met and a decently talented band.

We will be posting what we have left for merch soon in the store. Thank you!
-Sal & Rebuilder

Rebuilder Photo Booth

Rebuilder Photo Booth