Refuse Rethink Rebuild & Bishop and Rook Show!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates. We have been busy in the Rebuilder camp writing songs for a new record. Expect us to bust out some new songs soon. Here are some things coming up and some things that have happened since our last update.

– Salita is still putting together a physical release and will be opening for the Business at Church.
– Rebuilder lost the Rock and Roll Rumble but our friends in Goddamn Draculas won and we had a lot of fun.
– The Darker Hues are working on a new record and will be playing the RRR & BR show case. Let’s talk more about that.

Bishop and Rook is a fantastic music blog run by the lovely Kristin. She reviews shows and music by local and unknown bands. She also puts together some great playlist. She helped us find some of the bands for this showcase we wanted to do at Great Scott as well as making the flyer. So I present the Refuse Rethink Rebuild and Bishop and Rook Presents Show May 29th @ Great Scott in Allston.

Here are links for every band.